Depth Display Large Screen (Wall Mount)

  • Wall mountable.
  • Dual Depth Display (Depth & Depth+Offset).
  • Martin-Decker style Large Tension Dial Display.
  • Field depth calibration (Per 1000 units).
  • 3 Operator configurable (Audio/Visual) alarms for depth, tension, tension spike, & speed.*
  • 120VAC or 12VDC operation.
  • Depth voice prompt.
  • Digital Depth readout (Feet/Meters).
  • Digital Speed readout (Feet/Meters, Min./Hr.).
  • Signature direction arrow.
  • Digital Tension readout with configurable Tension/spike gauge (differential & absolute Tension, Lbs./Kgs.).
  • Operator configurable English/Metric Depth, Tension & Speed units (In any combination).
  • Activity Log for activity recording at up to 10 times a second. Including Depth, Tension, Tension Spike, Speed, and Alarm Status. (Accessible by downloading to a thumb-drive.)
  • Authorization Security to lock out  one or more changes to the following: Depth Cal., Alarms, Encoder Settings, Tension Cal., Units Changes, Time Set, Networking, and Deletion of Logs. (Accessible   via a user set password).
  • Intuitive, and elegant operator interface via 21" LED (Wide viewing angle) with remote.
  • Output for logging system (Depth/Tension) (Warrior® System Compatible). Including Tension Output for easy Warrior® System Tension calibration.

  • (Optional) Network Communication and Control Package: 
    • Pre-configured wireless router.
    • Windows Remote Master for view/control.
    • Windows Remote Slave for view only.
    •  Handheld  - Android OS view only apps.
    • Includes Cables and Software.

  • *(Optional) Relays Package (2 normally open/normally closed relays). 
Note: Relay triggering is tied to alarms (operator configurable).