Slickline Depth System (Portable)

  • Housed in portable rugged case.
  • Depth logging at up to 10 times a second. Including Depth, Tension, Tension Spike, Speed, and Alarm Status. (Accessible by downloading to a thumb-drive.)
  • Up to 4GB of onboard space for logs (Over 70 days of logs @ 10 times a second!), easily accessible by copying them to a USB thumb drive (.4gdl format (Warrior compatible), or .csv formats).
  • Martin-Decker style Large Tension Dial Display.
  • Field depth calibration (Per 1000 units).
  • 3 Operator configurable (Visual) alarms for depth, tension, tension spike, & speed.
  • 12VDC (Truck Battery) operation. (6-34VDC)
  • Digital Depth readout (Feet/Meters).
  • Digital Speed readout (Feet/Meters, Min./Hr.).
  • Signature direction arrow.
  • Digital Tension readout with configurable Tension/spike gauge (differential & absolute Tension, Lbs./Kgs.).
  • Operator configurable English/Metric Depth, Tension & Speed units (In any combination).
  • Authorization Security to lock out  one or more changes to the following: Depth Cal., Alarms, Encoder Settings, Tension Cal., Units Changes, Time Set, and Deletion of Logs. (Accessible   via a user set password).
  • Intuitive, and elegant operator interface via 7" LED touchscreen (Wide viewing angle).


  • Time Set via  Windows Time Sync SW/USB Cables/Adapter (Included upon request), or   Manually on unit.